How to Become a Professional Photographer.

We all have our own mobile phone and we use it to capture our favorite shots, and some of us are satisfied with mobile shooting and enjoy taking the most beautiful pictures, but if you want to become a professional photographer, you must use special cameras for that.

In this article, we will provide you with all the information you will need on how to choose the right camera and how to adjust the settings in it, as well as a lot of important information that are essential for any professional photographer.

In order to enter the world of photography, the first thing that we need is the camera, where there are several types of cameras, namely, compact cameras, which are called digital cameras, Bridge Cameras, which are larger in size than digital cameras, and there is another type of cameras are cameras with interchangeable lenses, which we will talk about in this article, as these cameras enable us to choose the appropriate lens for each case of photography.

Choose the right camera for beginners in photography:

The first step to become a professional photographer is to choose your right camera to enter the world of professional photography.

If you want to buy a camera, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration, the first factor is how much your budget and the price of the camera that you will buy and we do not mean by the price, the price of the camera only, but the price of the lenses and accessories for the camera we will buy in the future, and I advise beginners in photography to buy a cheap price camera with one or two lenses at most, then they gradually move to other levels.

In this article we recommend two types of cameras with changeable lenses:

Canon M100 Camera : This camera is characterized by its small size and it is very suitable for travel and mobility and it is suitable for beginners in the field of photography, and the price of this camera is approximately 330 USD.

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Sony a6500 camera: It is one of the most successful sony cameras ever, and its price is approximately 980 dollars. It is one of the most popular cameras and gives very impressive results in photography, and it has lenses with different options and reasonable prices.

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And these two types of cameras, as we said earlier, are among the cameras with changeable lenses, and also contain a sensor which is the type crop, and the sensor is a part of the camera that converts natural light into digital information that is stored in the form of an image, and there are many types of the (sensor), but the most famous two types are crop sensor and Full frame sensor.

You, as a novice or an amateur person in the world of photography, I advise you to start with cameras that contain crop sensor, because they are much cheaper than cameras that contain a full frame sensor, as well as they give very great results that we can not be uderestimated, and it is easier to use and its lenses are available with cheap and suitableat prices , and until you reach your ultimate goal and become a professional photographer, you need to start with this type of camera that has a crop sensor, and these cameras mentioned previously that are Mirrorless cameras.

The easiest way to start shooting :

How do you hold the camera and start in the world of photography ?

In this explanation, we will use a Sony a6500 camera, as it is a camera that is easy to use, which makes it suitable to start shooting, but whatever camera you use if it is a camera with changeable lenses, you can start with it because it contains an aperture priority mode.

What is the aperture priority mode : It is a shooting style that makes it easy for us to start photographing because it allows us to change one of the three lighting properties and the rest of the properties the camera sets up, and these properties are called the lighting triangle and they are 3 properties that we change until we reach the perfect lighting, which are:Aperture : which controls the amount of light entering the camera.Shutter speed : It means the actual amount of light that the camera takes.ISO : means the sensitivity of the camera to the light entering it.

What we care about now is the aperture, so the aperture priority mode is an excellent starting point to the world of photography because it is a compromise between whether the camera is set to auto or it is full manual.

The aperture priority mode makes us responsible for only one of the three previous settings (Triangle Illumination) which is the aperture, and the camera will adjust the remaining settings.

But before we use the aperture priority mode, we must set 3 important settings that we will set on the Sony A6500 camera, and if you have any other camera brand you have to search for these settings and set them, we will set these settings on the Sony A6500 camera.

First: We go to window number 2 as shown in the image page 6/9 and choose the Zebra option and then choose +100, this option is characterized by that it shows lines in the image during filming if the amount of light is more than necessary as shown in the following image / and these lines appear on light sources or on white things.

Second Focus peaking : We go to window number 1 as shown in the picture, then we go to page 13/14 and choose Peaking level and then we choose High and then we go to the Peaking color option and we choose Red, this option shows red lines in the focus areas.

Third: ISO: We must convert Iso to Auto, then set Auto minimum Iso to 100, and set Iso Auto maximum to 6400.

And now the camera is ready to shoot just move the top button (as shown in the picture) and set it to the letter A, which means aperture priority mode.

Change the lense aperture :

Now we start shooting, but how do we change the lense aperture, it’s very easy we can change the aperture from the top button as shown in the picture, and a number appears on the camera screen and this number represents the value of the aperture and we choose the value we want.

The fewer the number we choose, the larger the aperture, and the smallest number we can reach depends on the lens we use.

Choose the aperture that is appropriate for the scene you are photographing. If you are shooting a landscape, choose No. 8 or higher as it gives us focus on the widest possible area of the image.

If you are photographing a group of people together choose a number from 5.6 to 8 so we get more light and the focus remains for everyone.

If you’re photographing just one person, pick the number as small as possible without showing the Zebra lines because this option gives us an excellent focus on the person.

After choosing the right aperture now how do we adjust the camera settings to give us the right lighting.

We press the lower button (as shown in the image) and then it opens the option (Exposure compensation), we can control the lighting by moving the button, if the number is negative means darkening the image, but if we choose a positive number it means lightening the image.

Zebra helps us to adjust the lighting, simply raise the lighting until the Zebra lines appear and then decrease the lighting until the Zebra lines disappear and this is the required lighting.

If you are in doubt about the lighting, choose the darker, not the lightest, because the image with a dark color is easy to adjust on a computer, and the image with a bright light is difficult to modify on a computer.

This is all you need to know about photography using aperture priority mode, this technique helps you to take a very wonderful photo, and you should know that your practice of photography makes you a professional photographer.

Now you can practice your hobby as a professional photographer, trust yourself and take beautiful photos that document the most beautiful moments of your life.

Please share this article in order for everyone to benefit, greetings to you all.